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How to choose Signature Cables

Claudio Pietronik Guitarist

Signature Series Cables use a pair of twisted conductors protected by a shield. The best possible solution for connecting guitars, basses and keyboards is to use the two conductors for the signal and connect the shield on one side only. In this way the attenuation of the disturbances is maximum.
This method gives the cable an optimal direction of use.In the Signature Series, the branded sleeves on the cable are arranged to easily recognize the right direction of the cable. (Please see the instructions below)In the Signature cable descriptions, the first connector is the one that goes to the instrument.
> “Premium Instrument Audio Cable with Angled and Straight Connectors
> the angled connector goes to the musical instrument
> the straight connector goes to the amplifier or pedal board.
When choosing the cable, remember to pay attention to the type of connector to connect to the instrument and the one to connect to the pedal board or amplifier.
The Neutrik SilentPlug connectors must always be connected to the musical instrument. 

Play the best you can, play using LAB Audio Technology Signature Series

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