Ginevra Pistolesi 


Signature Series Audio Cable with angled Neutrik SilentPlug and straight connectors.


Ginevra Pistolesi plays with LAB Audio Technology Audio Cables.

Ginevra Pistolesi is an italian guitarist, singer and songwriter. Her Instagram account has more than 100K followers.
She started her musical career as a classical guitarist but soon the passion for rock’n’roll led her to pick up a Gibson Les Paul and perform live in clubs. Then she started an Italian songwriting project under the artistic direction of Claudio Fabi, which led to the release of two singles and a tour in many Italian cities.
At the end of 2020, she started growing with her Instagram account (@ginmusic) with over 100K followers on social media.
Currently, Ginevra plays with the Black Cherry, femal pop/rock band.

She’s an artist/endorser for many important brands, Gibson, Ovation, Beetronics, Pitbull strings and LAB Audio Technology.

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